The RainFocus Story

RainFocus got its start through the frustration of connecting experiential activities to meaningful ROI. Event management technologies lacked any means of consolidating experiential data to develop actionable insights, which left marketing teams operating by instinct rather than intelligence.

Our first task was solving this elusive and strategically critical gap. We built the core of our offering to be the system of record for all experiential data and then layered on business intelligence tools to mine for insights. Now we could, with real data-driven intelligence, connect experiential activities, behaviors, and preferences to meaningful ROI.

Empowered by these insights, we attempted to use the available event management technologies to deliver those outcomes, only to be significantly limited by their lack of agility. These systems were designed to be isolated, overly complicated and expensive to change, making it cost prohibitive to achieve a fraction of the intended result.

We needed an event management solution that directly leveraged the intelligence contained in the data while encouraging strategic innovation.

The solution?
We built it.
The solution?
We built it.

Architected as true SaaS and constructed as a simple set of building blocks on top of a data-rich core, the RainFocus platform efficiently manages the complexities of large-scale events without expensive maintenance and development costs.

This frees RainFocus up to be more strategic, focus our efforts on collaborating with other technologies and systems, and to deliver predictable results. With the all-in-one RainFocus platform, we enable customers to achieve Experiential Agility.

Armed with this platform… Armed with this platform…

Armed with this platform we set out to disrupt event management to elevate event managers and unify the sales and marketing machine, delivering intelligent engagement for faster growth.

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